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Interior Design for House Newtown PA, with DesignHaus Interiors

February 12, 2024
Interior Design

If you want to update your Newtown home’s style and look, DesignHaus Interiors’ design services involve a full home makeover. We transform dysfunctional, boring rooms into breathtaking, high-end, personalized areas to fit your lifestyle and taste. We specialize in bathroom remodels, from small to interior upgrades. We are unique in our collaborative approach and client focus. Get an insider view of how our interior design packages will make your house feel like a home for years.  

House Interior Design in Newtown, PA 

The roots of a beautiful, functional household lie in careful interior decoration. The DesignHaus team begins all new projects by learning about you and your way of living. We dig into your aesthetics, pastimes, doings and entertaining habits so that we can build a space perfectly tailored for you. Every detail of the decision, whether in layout or light fixtures, endpoints or artworks, comes from the insight. Contrary to buying furniture and hoping it comes together, our holistic process enables us to take care of every tiny detail to create a cohesive look. The result is a holistic interior design plan that morphs every nook and cranny in your home into a reflector of your lifestyle and personality. Not only are we into decorating, but we also handle spatial planning, finishes, furnishings, and lighting to achieve a polished look that impresses guests and feels good for you every day.  

Kitchen Renovation Newtown PA 

A kitchen is the heart of a home, and only a few spaces in a house affect the pleasure of living as much as the kitchen. We have a multi-angle approach in the kitchen design, raising function and form together. From swapping out-of-date appliances to knocking down walls to create open spaces for entertaining, we rethink kitchens to transform them into stunning, seamless areas where one cooks, works, and connects.

In our design journey, we discover how your kitchen is being utilized now and potential avenues for efficiency through improved layouts and storage solutions. Our questions about your cooking habits, hosting style, and family needs are aimed at problem-solving using design. Afterward, this information allows us to make suggestions to improve aesthetics and functionality through a refresh or a total renovation. Every component, from the work triangles to the placement of light switches, is not overlooked. We create kitchens that are beautiful and functionally make your life easier.

Luxury Interior Design Newtown PA

DesignHaus Interiors provides high-end interior design services to select homeowners in and around Newtown, transforming living spaces into eye-catching showrooms. The custom transformations we create combine form and purpose, so old homes become unique places that capture the essence of our clients everywhere they look.

We treat each project as a whole, working closely with you to understand your daily life and how you entertain. After that, we start working on curating interiors to your uniqueness with furnishings, finishes, lighting, and layout. We do not impose our styles, we listen before designing to emphasize the best of your home and your taste. The outcome results from employing design psychology, spatial planning, creative vision, and paying close attention to details in tailored living spaces that our clients cannot wait to move into.

DesignHaus Delivers Bespoke Luxury Interiors

From material selection to custom millwork to accessorizing, we focus so much on each decision taken with care and purpose. We source specific pieces, emphasize architectural components, and add intentional decor to create spaces that awe guests and meet the functional needs of homeowners. If you’re looking for a Newtown-based interior designer who focuses on creating spaces as individual as their users, we’ve got you covered. It is the personal touch that makes our creations dramatic, functional masterpieces of art you will proudly call home.