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Basement Renovation

Full basement renovation that included removal of existing furniture, old flooring, old kitchen, & etc.

The client dream was to have the basement redesigned towards her needs and taste. She wanted a surreal space that she can come to and enjoy after a long day at work whether with friends or just winding down and enjoying the serenity of the space and exercising! The newly designed basement undertook a new floor plan that included new flooring, custom cabinetry, furniture, surround sound audio, wall mount television, electric fireplace, new ceiling tiles, recessed led ceiling lights, removed storage closet and added a niche with custom surreal mural scene that included the clients dog named lucy in the mural! Stairs banister were redone with wrought iron and wood banisters with custom stain finish. Custom shelving and custom barn door harvested from sustainable barn wood. All woodwork were fabricated and custom stained by clients brother Kevin, a talented custom cabinetry maker!