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Contact DesignHaus Interiors at 215-534-1681 or for a complimentary design consultation. Learn how DHI can solve your interior design problems. Consulting with a designer can save you costly mistakes in your residential or commercial project and can get you the most impact for your interior design space. There is no risk involved so contact DHI to schedule an appointment today.


Meet one on one with Vera Bahou as she understands your design goals and creates a plan to fit your vision and expectations. Vera uses state of the art design technology along with personal hand renderings to make client presentations, which include all details involved in designing your space.


Watch as your interior space is transformed from a vision into reality. DesignHaus Interiors works with top quality furniture, fabric and paint manufacturers. DHI also works closely with the installers and sub- contractors to put it all together. Vera is there every step of the way, from the beginning to end, to ensure the project is carried out to the specifications provided and to make sure the client is happy with their new space.